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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Hello kr3t3n,
Yes, it will be a low pressure aeroponic system. Not only is a low pressure system much easier and cheaper to build, but a low pressure system would also produce larger diameter roots, and thus I would think potatoes as well.

Like always, by plant observation mostly. There are so many variables that the only real way to know if a plant is getting what it needs is by observation. I would probably start with a regular timer that has minimum 15 on/off times, and run it alternately. 15 on, and 15 off. If I felt that was to long between cycles, I would switch to a cycle timer and probably start running it for 5 on, and 5-10 off.
I was thinking that a possible way to avoid the problem with mist falling down is to place the mist maker(s) on the top of the root container. I've tried to make a quick sketch here:

Unfortunately, it is neither the best sketch nor a good photo, apologies if very difficult to understand. I was thinking of making a basin for the mist maker(s) near the top of the container which will overflow and the mist will presumably overflow as well, falling down through the roots. Would you think such a system would work?
In the top drawing I've tried to draw a box which has 4 plants
In the second drawing I've tried to draw where the mist makers basin would be with their positions (I've forgotten to add some padding from the top)
In the bottom one I've tried to make a "close-up" of the mist makers basin.

The only reason I'm looking at mist makers as watering method is because sources on the Internet claim that the roots accept nutrients easily (more naturally) when the drop size is near (if not exact) as what the mist makers produce.
Plants absorb elements most efficiently in the range of about 1-25 micrometers (Ám), and though foggers work somewhat differently depending on the manufacturer and model, a fogging system will supply vapor at between 5 and 30 Ám.
Having this in mind, if the mist really covers the roots, shouldn't it produce better growth? Although it would probably make watering frequency very different.
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