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Hi again!
Originally Posted by Errol View Post
I'm more than happy for you to do some calcs, but I wouldn't want you to spend a lot of trouble on complex formulae or anything since I'm not...
Sounds like an agreement to me

Originally Posted by Errol View Post
I had wondered about maybe just reducing the calcium nitrate quantity. I'd be glad to hear what you have to say though.
Well, I was actually talking about modifying (adjusting) your Hydrosol by adding THE RIGHT (adequate) quantity of calcium nitrate and perhaps talk you nicely into adding one more component.
That is what I was talking about when I narrated about helping out a chap who did the same and wasn't sure what the actual outcome was.

To be sure what you have got, and how much calcium nitrate to add, I need to decompose Hydrosol and put it in my spreadsheet.

You'll have the results tomorrow.

One more question here: have you got 3% of actual Mg in Hydrosol or does it say 3 Mg0? And, I suppose there is no Cl at all, as it is a mono-mix?


Edit: are you sure about the N and Ca content of the Calcium Nitrate you use. Commercial fertilizer grade Calcium Nitrate (with a purity of 98-99%) actually has 15.6% of N and 18.5% of Ca. It's not that much of a difference, but we want to get it right, - don't we? ;-)

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