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Default Red face............

It comes from relying on a dubious memory after kneeling in a dark shed peering at fertiliser formulae, but you're dead right - the correct calcium nitrate mix is nitrate nitrogen 14.5% + ammonium nitrogen 1.0% for a total N of 15.5%. For the calcium, expressed as elemental it is 19.6% and expressed as CaO it's 27.5%. All this according to the bag label and so cleverly transposed by me in my earlier post!

And you're right about the Mg in the Hydrosol too. The mix is:

nitrate nitrogen 6%
phosphorous pentoxide 18%
potassium oxide 36%
magnesium oxide 3%
Trace elements are B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo and Zn. No Cl mentioned though.

Hope this helps and thanks for your assistance. I'm more than happy to add one more component, by the way!


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