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Hello Stan,
I don't know what your price range is, but I would probably recommend "FLORAMATO DRY" by General Hydroponics because it's specifically formulated for tomato's. It's also good for other continuously flowering plants as well. I haven't used it myself, but always here good things about it. Also it's made by General Hydroponics, and you just cant go wrong there. Especially for new hydroponic growers that want good results, and less to worry about. Almost any hydro retailer caries it, but here is a link to see what I'm referring to: Floramato Dry

I have been using the Verti-grow nutrients lately myself, and have been having good luck with it on lettuce, melons, broccoli, my radishes and green onions, and from what I can tell so far my new pepper plants (I still need to post pics of them). I just haven't tried them on tomatoes yet, but in case your intrested here is the link: The Verti-Gro Hydroponic Fertilizers and Nutrients - Organic and Hydroponic Growing for Commercial and Hobby Growers

This is exactly what I have been using:
2 lbs. 5-10-25 Hydroponic Formula, SKU#: F510252, Unit Price: $11.95 (shipping $6.50)
2 lbs. Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0, SKU#: F15002, Unit Price: $8.95 (Shipping $6.00)

This makes 250 gallons of nutrient solution mixed per instructions, more if you mix it weaker. For $20.90 + shipping $12.50 Total: $33.40. But they also have the combo package: Nutrient Combo 4 lbs ea. 5-10-25 & 15-0-0, SKU#: FCombo, for $39.95 (shipping included) $6.50 more than buying them the other way but it makes twice as much.

It's a 2 part nutrient, first part is the "hydroponic formula" (fertilizer) the second part is the "calcium nitrate." Both come as a dry mix, you mix 2 pounds each separately into one gallon water jugs. At that point you have both parts pre-mixed as a liquid concentrate (instructions are on the label). Then to make the nutrient solution you mix 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons (10mL to 15mL) of each part per gallon of water. The label says 1/2 to 3/4 ounces per gallon (1 fluid oz = 30mL). As with most all hydroponic nutrients it's better to mix it a little weak, especially in hot weather or for small plants (seedlings about 1/4 strength) .
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