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Hello docjay,
Ya it will work with the water flow that way, however you may see a decrease in growth from the plants down the line since the water/nutrients may not mix evenly in each bucket due to water eddies/dead flow spots etc..

Yes you could just aerate the main reservoir and not the buckets, but if you want faster growth you should aerate each bucket. It's not just the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, it's also about the air bubbles coming in contact with the roots themselves. If you just aerate the main reservoir, the air bubbles will never come in contact with the roots. But if you aerate each bucket the roots will have constant contact with the air bubbles.

Aerating each bucket will also help keep the water circulating through the bucket and reducing water circulating/dead spots within each bucket. Basically helping mix the new and old water/nutrients in each bucket.
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