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Default New to Hydroponics

So I've been doing lots of research about hydroponics, and related topics and I'm really wanting to get started. However I've been trying to figure out what's the best way to go about nutrient solution. Since I'm new to this I'm going to start with leafy greens and herbs only to start with as I ease my way into it. I understand the concepts of needing different nutrients at different stages of the plants life, but with leafy greens from what I understand you just want vegetative growth. I've been going back and forth looking at different nutrients and styles.

After everything I've decided to start with liquid nutrients since I'm just starting, and I was thinking of going with the Flora Series. However I wasn't sure if leafy greens require the Flora bloom later in its life or if that would just make it bolt faster which I don't want. So would Flora Veg or Floranova Veg be the best in my situation?

I've read a lot about additives and making hydroponic plants a lot closer to soil grown quality, as in the higher brix scores. I saw that a lot of hydroponics used to have terrible taste/ brix scores because they were lacking a lot of things in the soil. It seems now that by adding in certain things we can simulate soil a lot better producing better quality crops.

I thought it'd be best to add some silica, CalMag, seaweed extract, fulvic acid, and amino acids. Unfortunately I'm unsure of how much of these things to add along with my main nutrients and I'm curious as to how people decide how much of these additives to add. I understand with CalMag it depends on the main nutrient solution as well as the makeup of the water used, but what about the rest?

I'm really just looking for some feedback from experienced hydroponic growers. If possible I'd like to hear about their attempts with different solutions, if they prefer making their own from scratch, and why. How many people have attempted growing with these additives, it sounds like amino acids are very important to getting a great brix score. Thanks in advance for your time and advice everyone.

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