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Default advice needed - sound artist

I am an artist working on a sound installation idea in an Anti-Atomic Shelter in Switzerland.

It will last about 10-15 days, and I want to have a plant or a few plants, specifically strong scented Jasmine, growing in the bunker.

Of course, there is no natural light. I would like to use led grow lamp to give the plant its light, as it is also attractive light to the human eye, and efficient on electricity.

But for that period of time, I guess it would not be a hydroponic system feeding the plant, as it would have to be already flowering for the scent I imagine... a technician could water it and give it nutrient every day.

So, how would I do this - to keep the plant and flower healthy and alive for 15 days in a bunker?

Detailed advice would be very very appreciated thanks

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