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Originally Posted by n1zjd View Post
This information is incorrect. Plants need nutrients regardless of the medium. Yes soil does contain nutrients, but depending on pot size and plant size, the plant WILL deplete the soil of nutrients. That being said, if he has the plants he wants growing in soil and in the flower stage he is looking for, the plant SHOULD be just fine on water alone provided its been growing good up until now. Peace
Well I guess that is a mater of opinion. Many years ago I had a pot plant growing in potting soil in a 5 gallon bucket. I was Growing it under a light designed for hydroponics. I also had 4 of the same plants growing in 5 gallon buckets that were growing in direct sunlight as well. I didn't use anything different for the one under the light than I did for the others, and it did just fine. I watered them all the same and once in a while I would use Miracle Grow along with the water. They all did fine without using any hydroponic nutrients at all.

Hydroponic nutrients are designed to replace the nutrients/elements and trace elements the plant would get from the soil, but when you add hydroponic nutrients to the soil you concentrate the elements. So if you wanted to use hydroponic nutrients in soil I would use them in a very diluted amount. Personally I would use Miracle Grow instead because it is designed for plants that grow in soil. It also doesn't add the trace elements that are already found in soil, so you don't have problems with these trace elements in concentration. Miracle Grow is also much cheaper.

Maybe I am wrong, but as I understood the original question. He was setting up a stage area that was indoors, and wanted the plants to accent the setting. He also wanted to use hydroponic lights so the plants wont wither and die in the 2 weeks that it would be set up. The plants would be in full bloom when he sets it up because he wanted the fragrance of the flowers to perfume the stage area. But was concerned that he would need to use hydroponic nutrients on the plants for those 2 weeks that the plants would be under the lights instead of natural light. If this is true then I would still say that you don't need to do anything different to the soil because of the lights.
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