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First of all I wasnt trying to start an argument but rather stating facts. There is no such thing as a 'hydroponic light' to my knowledge. People use anything from CLF's to led's to HID lights to create artificial sunlight. Secondly, I didnt see anything about 'hydroponic nutrients' in his post, nor did I say anything about hydroponic nutrients because obviously they wouldnt be required in a soil grow.

You don't need to use any special nutrient solution for growing plants under lights unless they are in a hydroponic system
Special nutrient solution no but there NEEDS to be nutrients in the medium regardless. Soil doesnt just automatically have the nutrients needed for plants to sustain life. If your using the shitty miracle grow soil then yes they have the nutrients impregnated into the soil. I dont recommend using their products myself because you have no control over the nutrients. I use my own organic soil mixture so I know what nutes are in there. If this plant is in a container full of soil you would get from a bag at your local nursery there more than likely wont be enough nutrients in this soil to sustain proper balance of nutrients through-out a plants life cycle.

Again I was not trying to start an argument just speaking from experience. Your right, more than likely he will not have a problem, but it is COMPLETELY possible to see a deficiency in that 10-15 days that may need to be corrected. I was just saying it so that IF the health of the plants deteriorates in this time he wouldnt be back mad because you told him everything would be fine.

Sorry for causing controversy but there are too many forums with people giving misinformation and too many times Ive seen people give up on growing do to failures from this misinformation. GpsFrontier your doing a good job on here trying to help people out since the owner of the website obviously dont care if people have success or not.
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