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Originally Posted by n1zjd View Post
First of all I wasnt trying to start an argument but rather stating facts. There is no such thing as a 'hydroponic light' to my knowledge. People use anything from CLF's to led's to HID lights to create artificial sunlight. Secondly, I didnt see anything about 'hydroponic nutrients' in his post, nor did I say anything about hydroponic nutrients because obviously they wouldnt be required in a soil grow.
When I used the light it was over 10 years ago and I can't remember exactly what type it was. When I say "Hydroponic light" I was referring any type of light that was meant to grow plants, usually in a hydroponic system. I know cfl's weren't designed to grow plants, but I understand they will work for that. Not every LED will grow plants. The little red light on your TV remote is a LED but I hardly think it will grow plants. So when I say hydroponic light I an basically referring to any light that is used to grow plants in general. I am sorry about using the words "special nutrients", I should have used the words hydroponic nutrients. I was sure that is what he was referring to when he was asking about nutrients because this is a hydroponics forum, and would understand what I meant. Sometimes I get tired of typing the same words over and over again and just want to change things up, But I will try to be more clear in the future.

I am not an expert in the nutrient needs of a Jasmine plant, although I do know there are many varieties of them. In California we had a Jasmine bush that lived many years just planted in the ground. If I thought he was asking about the specific nutrient needs of a Jasmine plant (growing in soil or hydroponics) I would have tried to find some information about that specific subject on the internet and left the links to it in my reply. I also may have suggested searching for a forum specifically on Jasmine. So I am sorry to him or anyone else if I misunderstood.

I am not an expert in the subject of hydroponics, I am just a guy that is very interested in the subject and want to learn all that I can about it. I only leave replays in this forum because not many people seem to want to. I can only hope that my time in doing so has helped some people. As for me I would like to have a hydroponics farm growing fruits and Vegetables to sell at the farmers market and to the restaurants and such. But I have a long way to go before I get there.
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