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Question super111

once again thank you very much for all the info, it will help me very greatly. unfortunately some things came up the day i was planning on building my system and i still havent completed it as of yet. although i was able up some net pots, I believe they are 5 inch, that was the size the very rude worker at the hydroponic store advised me to get for strawberries (looks like you will be my only source for info as i will not be giving them my business again). I have decided to do a water culture system as I took it to be the best for beginners and should work well for strawberries; though the way your making it sound strawberries may not be a possibility now that they need natural pollination and i will be doing all indoor growing until the summer months (I live in Northern Minne(snow)ta) where right now our average temp is about -10 at night and +10 during the day, only to get colder before warming. so unless i plan on releasing bees into my grow room until they do the deed im shit out of luck till summer.. Do the melons also need natural pollination?? both the water and honey?? Another question i have is with the 5" net pots i purchased and the type of system i am going to build how much of the pot should i have submerged in the water/nutrient mixture? I am planing on using styraphome to float the pots. Also I picked up a growing medium recommended to me by the guy at the hydro store, I am at a friends house right now but on my net post I will be able to tell you exactly what i purchased,hopefully the ass hole at least knows what hes talking about.. Since i will be growing inside is it possible to temp control my water/nutrient solution just by insulating it and keeping it at room temp (which in my grow room will be approx 70 deg)?? also i have no knowledge on how to germinate except putting the seeds in a moist warm place in a bag?? ..Again thank you for everything, without you id be sitting in my grow room with my tumb up my ass wondering wtf is going on.

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