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Originally Posted by mr 604 bourne123 View Post
like are they okay I guess so?/genetically modified.
I guess they are not. To many unknown unknowns about consequences through possible genetic contaminations and mutations on the short or long run.

The actual problem is A. that some (actually many) genetically modified crops are modified to be "resistant" to herbicides, which doesn't mean that they don't absorb them with- or without metabolizing them. The target is to sell and legitimate herbicides and pesticides and monopolize seeds that are "resistant" to specific poisons. B. worst of all, genetically modified crops are contaminating other crops around the world. Contaminations with genetically modified corn has been detected through many regions of Mexico, where it infected, yes I repeat infected many heirloom corn varieties already. Same for soy beans in many countries.

As they are too much of a risk "nature-wise" I don't even need to know if they are safe for consumption, - I keep that stuff far away from my home, family and entourage! In many countries as in mine, genetically modified crops and vegetables are strictly forbidden for a good reason.
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