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Default Strawberry Stressin’ and Tomatoes gone wild…

Hey Stan, Hope all finds you well. An update on the crops and some concerns…..

On the tomatoes… They’re doing fantastic (see pics) and via careful trellising, are forming the infamous “tomato tunnel”. We’re at the “give em’ to neighbors” stage… They’re sucking up nutrient like crazy – 362 gallons since 11/20/20 and the reservoirs halfway down as I write this. In their “hyper-growth” period they’re using between 35 and 40 gallons a week! (which includes the green pepper and brussels sprouts).

On the strawberries… They don’t seem do be doing very well or at least as well as I’d expected. I checked the net pots and they’re moist so I cut back the sprayers to 15 seconds on / 30 minutes off. I cut off a lot of dead foliage and even some dead strawberries, but left what I believed to be runners. I wonder if the direct sunlight is too much? We’ve had a few days mid 80’s, but nights go down to upper 50’s. For the rail system reservoir (which only has strawberries now) I’m running nutrients at 50%.

On the clones.. Boxing in the cloner with the black landscape cloth (north side open) seems to have done the trick. All the “newer” clones have stayed green and roots are coming out of the net pots. I’m once again at the point where I have so many I can give them away. 3 previous clones I gave to friends are already bearing fruit – they’re excited!

Anyway, any suggestions on the strawberries would be appreciated. In the mean time I’ll keep you updated.

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