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Default Tomatoes gone wild & updates

Hey Stan, hope this post finds you well and hopefully your grow is underway. Back here everything in Dutch buckets has been growing like crazy. I have abundant tomatoes and have been keeping four neighbors well supplied. The cherries I have to harvest every other day, and the beef steaks twice a week. My biggest beefsteak was almost a pound and a half (see pic). Weíve had about four medium sized green peppers with more on the way. No Brussel sprouts yet, but theyíve gotten huge. nutrient consumption is phenomenal Ė 486 gallons since 11/20/20. The cherry plant is nearing the 13 ft. length, Iíve had to re-order trellis clips twice. I literally could not keep up with plants going out of the roof. I got most trellised, but some got to far along Ė bird food I guess!

Iíve shut down the rail (aeroponic) system. Iím trying to figure out what I might try in that for the fall. Weíre right on the edge of extremely hot weather so I think attempting anything right now would be a waste of time. Iím pretty well set with tomato clones for when some of these plants reach their end. Hopefully I can keep the grows continuous right through the winter and eventually year round. I think Iíve figured out heating techniques in winter that arenít cost prohibitive, but summer cooling is almost impossible. Freezing ice jugs was impractical, they took too long to freeze and took up too much space in my freezer. One thing I need to do is plan crops better - like growing cold tolerant tomatoes for winter and heat tolerant tomatoes for summer. Anyway, thatís my update. Keep me posted on how your season is going.

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