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Originally Posted by Toleman View Post
Hi im new here and started growing hydroponicly around 3 months ago.

As an intro I have done what all the newbies do and got the smallest system. So far my chilli plants are doing well. Im getting lots of pods and im thinking about expanding next season.

Anyway I have a small nft which fits 2 plants and Im thinking about buying a bigger one for next year. The set up is in my greenhouse and the plan is to connect the new bigger and current together along with a control tank.
The reason for this is my current systems tank is 20 litres and when its hot the plants are using 4 litres and I would like to be able to leave them a bit longer. They are also depleting around 5ml of each grow, bloom, micro (GH)
My greenhouse is pretty small so a stand alone ressy will be easier to tinker with.

Anyway here is a basic paint sketch and im wondering the best waterproof fitting to link the return to the control tank. (shown in red)

If I understand your question correctly, you want to drain the growing chambers back into the nutrient reservoir without having problems with it leaking. I have found that using a "Through Hole" also known as a "Bulkhead fitting" works the best. They are commonly found, but not everyone knows what they are by the names right off when asking where they are at Home Deopt. They are nothing more than a tube that is flared on one end and threaded on the other with a gasket of some kind. You slide the tube through the hole on one end and the gasket then thread the nut on on the other and tighten down. The ones I am using I found in the electrical department at Home depot for $1.97 ea. They were perfect in that the one end is barbed and a 1/2 in plastic vial tubing fits on it perfect for draining back to the reservoir. The other end fits the same 1/2 in tubing in it and I can adjust the height of the water level simply by changing the height of the tubing. They are also used for running wires through the firewall of a car or a wall etc.. I couldn't find a picture of the one I am using but I have attached a few pictures so you can see what I mean. They come in all shapes and sizes, plastic or metal but I would only use the plastic ones. I was using O rings but had a lot of problems and when I changed to the through holes I had no leaking problems at all.
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