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Default Help, just getting started

I was first introduced to hydroponics in "76" and have spent the last month trying to get caught up, WOW. I have read a lot of conflicting info online. I would sure appreciate so help. I will be building 3 new different systems for my dad, son and myself; a 5 gallon DWC, An ebb and flow using 5 gallon pots, and a hybrid ebb and drip.
1. Using mesh bucket lid pots, what size would you use for tomatoes, cucs, squash, pumpkins, and peppers?
2. Using hydroton, use coco in it or not?
3. Would using a coco pot liner with 1/2 perlite and 1/2 coco as good as hydroton?

I usually over build and over think things so I would enjoy your feed back. Thanks, Wade

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