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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Hello kr3t3n,

The same way they would trying to grow various kinds of vegetables using one reservoir and nutrient solution. Some plants will do better than others, and some will suffer more than others.

Water consumption will be predictable. Nutrient uptake can be as well. However I don't think your referring to nutrient uptake, but rather nutrient manufacturing/concentrations.

Aquaponics is a living ecosystem that is constantly converting organic mater into the raw chemical elements the plants can absorb. Predicting the concentrations of each of the 13 necessary nutrients at any given time may be possible to some extent. But not an easy task and taking a lot of experience. Hear's a forum about aquaponics "Backyard Aquaponics" as well as a list of other resources on aquaponics I listed here A few sources of info on Aquaponics
As I'm planning how to grow plants using minimum resources, when it comes to water needed, aeroponics (high and low pressure systems) are much more efficient then aquaponics and considering that the roots do the water cleaning for the fish, would these two watering methods be sufficient for the plants to "clean" or do they need ebb&flow or DWC to have more time?
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