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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Hello kr3t3n,
I don't really understand the question.

First, Aquaponics is simply just a method of making your own nutrients. Second, I don't understand what you mean by "clean". Are you meaning consume the nutrients? Third, what two watering methods are you referring to? Do you mean high and low aeroponics? Fourth, what do you mean by "ebb&flow or DWC to have more time?"
I was under the wrong impression that plant roots somehow affect the water so that the fish benefit but in reality it is the ammonia->nitrite->nitrate bacterias that grow in the system (usually in the growbed containers, as far as I have read) do that. The plants just use the nitrated water, right? (consume the nutrients)

Yes, I mean high and low aeroponics.

Ebb & Flow or DWC to have more time was in the context of the roots (plants) doings something to the water which benefits the fish and the aquaponic system as a whole (but if the bacteria do it, then indeed it would not matter what watering system is used, as long as the bacteria is doing its job and the fish provide the right amount of ammonia.

It would be great if the bacteria can be in a "secondary" container/tank, not in every growbed container.

Are these assumptions correct? Then I would only need to know how much water I need to irrigate all growbeds and then determine what fish tank, how many fish, bacteria, etc are required?
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