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Hi GpsFrontier,

I am looking for the cleanest, most self-sustainable method. From my point of view this means minimum risk from pests, minimum water usage and minimum reliance on the fish. I was thinking of separating the system in to three distinct sections:

1. Fish tank
2. Microbial tank - water will flow from the fish tank into a separate tank/container which will act as the microbial workspace
3. Plant growbed infrastructure - water will irrigate the plant roots coming from the microbial tank. Water draining out of the plant root containers will flow back into the fish tank.

I don't see any need to kill them with UV as long as they do not become a problem and as far as I can see they are the opposite of a problem. So, do I need a microbial tank or would the root containers act as the microbial environment? My concern is that if I truly use predominantly high & low pressure aeroponics, the container inside surface won't be constantly in contact with water and the bio-filter might dry out and die.
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