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Thank you for the explanations! Now I understand it much better. I will definitely need to be very careful when it comes to contamination of any of the components of the system.

When it comes to planning the layout of the greenhouse, I am wondering how should I plan growbed positions to optimize space but still get sunlight. I'm wondering what calculations were made for such layout to work:

I understand how they are being irrigated and how the root system is contained but what I'm wondering is how to calculate the required spacing between "tower" to allow for sunlight to hit the lowest rows of growbeds.

Also, these examples are with leafy greens but I do plant custom growbed container towers for other types of plants as well (different shapes, sizes, numbers of plants per tower, etc..).

Basically, how close together can I put the container towers/boxes/racks without leaving the bottom plants completely out of sunlight?
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