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Hello kr3t3n,
Sometimes, but I have no idea if doing so would help you since I have no idea how you plan to design your system/s, where you plan to grow them, how much natural light the area gets, or even really what type of plants you will be growing or how many you plan to grow. All I know about your plans is probably some type of aeroponic system, and you may or may not plan to use fish/aquaponics to make your nutrients.

Lighting is part of planning. So often people go all out designing a system first and then try and decide what they can grow in it, that's doing things backwards. Then they find out they wasted their time and money because they wanted to skip the planning and go straight into the building. Can you build a house without a budget or design plans? Yes, but you'll be wasting a lot of time and money building it without planning it out first. Same thing building your hydroponic systems.

First you have to decide what budget you have to work with, what you plan to grow, how much of it you plan to grow, where you plan to grow it etc. etc.. A successful hydroponic system is one that you design and build around the needs of the plants you will be growing in it. In order to be able to do that you first need to know the needs of the plants and understand how the six different types of hydroponic systems are different so you can tell which ones will benefit the plants needs best. As well as known what budget and space you have to work with. Then you can start thinking it out and designing it. After you think it out and design it, you can start building it.
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