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Hello kr3t3n,

1. Well my first thought is I don't think you have grown those crops before and/or aren't really familiar with them.
2. My second thought is your trying to do to much and won't be successful. You have 12 crops listed and 96 different containers.
3. My third thought is you not only have way to many containers complicating things (96), but their way over crowded.
4. My fourth thought is the containers aren't sized for the crops.
5. My fifth thought is many of those crops will do better in a different type of system, like a drip system.
6. My sixth thought is not only are the crops over crowded, but your blocking all the light.

I'm not trying to discourage you, but you said not to spare your feelings so I just said my thoughts. So often I see people new to hydroponics try to do to much right from the start, only to wind up spending a fortune and being unsuccessful. Then having to go back and rethink it all over and spend more money fixing problems and redesigning and building new the systems.

No I don't think using reflective material will help, from the looks of it you have it to crowded so that there won't be enough light getting in anyway, reflective material or not.
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