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Hello kr3t3n,
The main reason I stated I don't think you have grown these crops before is because it looks as though you haven't spaced things out to account for the size of the plants when they get full size. The greenhouse may be far bigger that I think, or the spacing is way off. Even if so everything is so close together it wont allow for light to get to the plants. The other main reason I didn't think you had any experience growing the plants is because they all have different types of foliage and I don't see that accounted for. Not just in size, but in how they grow as well. It appears like you plan to build 96 different boxes, all similar in shape and size. Not only is that unnecessary and a waste of money, but wind up being a lot more maintenance too.

You can do what you want, but what I do is design and build the hydroponic system to grow the plants I plan to grow in them. I make it as productive as I can using as little resources as I can, while keeping in mind the plants size and needs. As well as keeping in mind easy maintenance. Anyhow I may be missing something, but what you have planed, and the way you plan to do it seems unnecessarily over complicated and under productive. That's not even considering the overcrowding.
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