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Default Tomatoes took turn for worst...

Originally Posted by Stan View Post
Planting tomatoes from rock wool to dutchbucket can be done as soon as you see a couple roots growing out from the rockwool cube if growing indoors otherwise if outside I. Full sun roots should be 2-3 inches long.

Are you planning to grow these tomatoes indoors or out? If outdoors in full sun your plants will die fast if you only pump nutrient water 3 times a day. At night you can get away with 3 times not during the day.
Stan, thanks for the reply and info. Unfortunately, the seedlings died. They got to be between 5 and 7 inches tall with seemingly good amount of "true leaves", but leaves turned brown on the ends, and that was it. I kept them moist, not saturated, under a 3 light system (cfl's - 2 @ 5,00 kelvins, 1 at 6,500 kelvins). Nutrient was MiracleGrow tomato @ 1/4 strength, all PH balanced (post fertilizer) to 5.9 No roots ever came out the bottom and a "post mortem" showed few roots within the cubes. But... I've not given up. I've read I had the wrong size cubes (i.e 1") and that 2X2X1.5" are best for tomatoes. New cubes on the way... I've attached pictures of my "setup". so, to answer your questions:
1. I plan on growing them outside with the ability to "wheel" them into the garage in event of storm or frost
2. The timer can be set to cycle up to 10 times per day, would ask your opinion on frequency/duration.
3. FYI - seed types were Florida 91 and Heatmaster, both supposedly very heat tolerant. I had little luck with Florida 91's in ground as well.
4. Seedling tray is standard 10X20 with 7" high clear lid.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I've been trying grow tomatoes down here for 10 years. I REALLY need advice, I want this to work! Gary
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