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gdgdad, glad to hear the plants are doing fine. Like I said the cloner method is the best when starting seedlings as they really grow fast. When the roots start coming out of the rockwool the stems will start to get thick.

It's funny you mentioned using MiracleGro for the seedlings as I was going to suggest you to use it since it's cheap. I use it for my seedlings all the way into the first week when switching to dutch bucket. After that first week in Dutch Bucket then switch to the nutrients you plan to use the rest of the way as I wouldn't use MiracleGro after that first week.

I didn't take notice of the views on this thread until you mentioned it. Good to see that interest in the thread you started. If anyone viewing the thread wants to chime in to ask questions or add some suggestions please do.

GpsFrontier used to run this forum I have no idea what happened to him and hope he is well. He would answer everyones posts. He was a goldmine of info I learned a lot from him that's why I always check into this forum once in a while to see if I could help.

Please keep me up to date on this. If you need any seeds I have saved from my hydroponic grows like giant heirloom tomatoes some getting 3+lbs or black cherry tomatoes let me know I will gladly mail them to you.
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