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Well, I bet you got confused with the decimals. It's 0.7 (zero point seven) gram per liter (litre), 0.7 and 0.4 Mg. (obviously only 0.1g CaCl/liter)
Attention: 7 gram per liter of both would probably kill your plants over night.
Apologies for the mathematical aberration - I get confused by the ',' you use as a decimal point - a European practice I think? I'm from Australia where we use a '.' to denote the decimal point. Yes, 7gms/litre would probably even kill you and me off overnight!

But equal quantities only determines the proportion of N vs. P and K, it doesn't say if the N-content is too high or not. It actually depends on how much Calcium Nitrate is used per Liter. I bet you were using more than 0.7 g/l, were you...?
Actually I work off the EC reading. I toss in enough Hydrosol and calcium nitrate to get a reading of about 2.0. I have two 160 litre tanks (connected) and I make sure I introduce the Hydrosol and calcium nitrate at opposite ends of the tank to make sure there's no harmful chemical reaction. But with some MGSO4 and calcium chloride in the mix as well, that would mean the salt level would actually produce an EC reading of 2.0 with a lower quantity of calcium nitrate and therefore a lower nitrogen content? This would mean less vegetative growth and could solve the problem?

If I understood your goal and concept right, you are growing various plants and not mainly leafy vegetables. In that case I recommend a N-content not exceeding 150-170 PPM of N. Lettuce would be happier with some 200-220 PPM, but tomatoes, peppers (as well as cucumbers) and most nightshade wouldn't really like that.
As I read your New Mix 2 formula, it already contains 151.2ppm of N, so the mix you suggest of 0.7gs/l should work well with my non-leafy plants?

I think you are gradually getting me very close to a solution here, Luches, complex formulae or not! Thanks for your patience.


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