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Apparently you have not even read what I wrote. Just where is it that I have given any advice on making nutrients EC values etc.? That's the most stupid argument you can come up with yet.
You can't actually tell at all what calculator or calculation method is best and what to recommend for a beginner or an intermediate. Isn't that so?
Yes that is so, So What. That does not change anything I have said in the slightest. Simply suggesting that someone (or anyone) not discount information (and/or a nutrient calculator, in this case) is all that I have advised. I have not said that one is better than the other, or anything of the sort. But the fact remains there IS animosity between you and Daniel (the creator of the HydroBuddy, and the Science in Hydroponics blog), and that in itself would make it difficult for you at best to be completely objective about it (even if you disagree with that).

Therefore all I suggest is that people investigate more than one source of information, and make up their own minds. Especially before they conclude that a particular source of information is rubbish, solely on the word of just one person. And especially when that person is most likely not being completely objective (even if they wanted to be objective). The stronger that you object to people making up there own minds, the more it shows that you cant be completely objective.

A person that's actually being completely objective, would not be trying so hard to keep people for thinking for themselves. But you seem to be very strongly opposed to people doing that, and that just makes me (and I'm sure many others) wonder why. The more adamant at not wanting to allow people to investigate more than one source of information that you get, the more I feel that you must have an ulterior motive for it. That clearly seems like your animosity toward Daniel is much stronger than I even thought. Get a grip...

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