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Default Brainstorming: Corn formula and best growing setup

Hi folks,

If I am not mistaken, a few members (including myself) are interested in growing corn hydroponically. So, why not put together as much info as we can get from many sources, personal experiences (if available) and eventually try to get a little "file" about the topic?

Formulas and nutrients: as some people may have noticed, commercial products from shelf are not my cup of tea for 2 reasons: A. I can't buy any of the commonly known products at my place. B. I am specializing in developing and mixing nutrients from components and raw materials. Actually just pointing out kind of a "personal conflict" here. If some people are suggesting products or mixes that are based on commercial products, I have no problem with that, but I can't participate to such debate or quest. The only thing I may do is analyzing the formula and reproducing a similar nutrient.

Setups: Let's find out what kind of setup or system (as well as media) is most appropriate and adapted to grow corn.

I have done some net searching yesterday and was pretty amazed with this simple ebb/flow Perlite based setup, even though I am no fan of Perlite: Hydropond Corn

To be continued with more adds and material ...

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