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Fr\om my experience, roots can grow and support plants, even small trees in very little depth. They kinda intersect with each other and little by little use all the space their is. And furthermore, this compactness gives en enormous stability to the whole bunch. I've grown 2m plus healthy Amaranthus in less than 3 inch 7-8 cm deep coarse sand and even a 4m tall (10 foot plus) Moringa oleifera tree in a tiny pot! Also, I've seen chili peppers in Finland doing amazingly well (and having high yield) in only 15 cm deep expanded clay! Since I do not worry about depth that much..., though I have to add that some other deep rooting plants may actually not doing that well in such short depth...
That's good to know, I don't have that much experience with hydroponics yet, but given a few years I may get there.

I guess that your and my point of view are anyway quite similar, despite different goals to follow at this time. Actually they'll probably get even closer at some moment in time when my "research job" will be more or less done - and eventually be replaced by projects that directly focus on affordable self-sufficient growing.
Yes, in the long run that is what I am trying to accomplish. I just don't have funds to do everything that I wish, but given time I plan to get there. Once I learn (what and how) I can improve on them. I know I try to think everything through before I build, but no mater how much I do that I always learn much more by just doing it. Then making the improvements.

Not sure if it's fair to tell this bluntly, but I have some other concepts in petto that are even more economic and based on other materials and supports, using much less PVC and pipes. Nobody can actually accuse me of being stingy with information or not sharing my knowledge. But then again, I have to keep some of my professional secrets safe... Two users are participating in this thread - but it was opened some 250 times until now. I don't know who the people who get a free view of this event are and I do not care. But I am a bit concerned about what they may grab for free here - perhaps selling it while I am having a sound nap and dreaming innocently about the next breaking through design!
As far as I am concerned anything you want to keep to yourself for whatever reason is completely understandable. You seem to have a lot of experience, that comes from lots of trial and error. That doesn't come cheep. As you must know I have a hydroponic website for the purpose of giving away information. It's not complete by any stretch of the imagination, and needs to be redone because it seems to only work well with Firefox. My computer crashed and I need to replace it before I can do much more with the website (I'm borrowing this computer). Any information that you share with me I will keep to myself if you wish (just need to let me know), but as time goes by I may forget where I got the information from then post it on the site by mistake. Also true that anyone can read this forum and neither you or I have any control of that.
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