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The setup is now installed at it's "final destination".

As I became obviously interested in the fact how much nutrient would be needed to flood each growing bed, I took the opportunity to simply test it out. It is even much less as I guessed. Only (almost exactly) 1 gallon is needed to fill each bed until the level reaches the upper edge of the return outlet.

PS: I have certainly not been trying to talk over your head intentionally GPSFrontier! I don't know either how you may have come to such suspicion. Sometimes I am just thinking out loud in some kind of philosophical way, actually I am trying to be funny with that. If that isn't fitting in, or not hitting the actual target, just ignore these boob parts.

I am not offended by the fact that people do not understand what I am saying either. But it's true that it happens that I am getting frustrated and even upset by the fact that I am talking and explaining things - with the sole result of encountering some sort of non funded resistance. Resistance that often pops up reflexively without proper back up, nor based on facts and experience. People tend to get upset for a reason - and it's not about blaming someone for it (which is what most people do) but about finding out what (in terms of equal parts) has caused it and how to avoid it in the future. As long as one is just blaming the other (which happens most of the time) one puts him self on the save side, but doesn't learn anything from it. And as a consequence, it has to repeat itself over and over again.

Let me just tell How I (as in myself) use to handle it: In case I know what I am talking about and I am pretty sure, I am, either affirmative or I object (in case I don't agree or know better). If I don't know, I wether shut up or I ask the one who's supposed to - or is positive about knowing.

Last but not least for your reassurance: I am not academic nor a professor, nor anything of the sort either. I haven't even seen any high school nor college from the inside. I haven't had any home education either as my parents were extremely hard working business people. I am not sure if it's apparent to you, - but I am NOT a native writer in english language. It's not my secondary, but actually my fourth language - in order of appearance, skill-wise and in actual use as well. That is also a reason why I hardly imagine talking intentionally over somebody's head when dealing with native speakers.

This isn't about putting something (better) on the table, not about hurt feelings or being smarter or "holier", nor meaner, more educated or whatever - I guess it's only about different individual mindsets in use!

I am not asking for agreement about my opinions, I am just pointing out how and through what optics I see those things. Actually hoping for a better understanding. If it ends up not working out, I simply let go the whole hydroponic forum enchilada and just do my own crap. I wouldn't be as arrogant to say that I have bigger fish to fry, - but what I can say is that I have other fish to fry as well!
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