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I got busy the last couple of days but here are the pictures I said I would post. As you can see I added some pipe insulation (still not 3/4 inch) although the fill line is 1/2 inch and fits perfectly (that's what is laying on the ground). I have still had problems with insects and have gone to a different product (NEEM). I have noticed the leaves starting to come back, but I know the plants are stunted because they were infested. Also If I had it to do over again I would use 5 gallon buckets instead of the 2 gallon ones, all lessons learned. These 4 plants drink about 3 gallons per day right now, so I need to replace this daily, or the nutrient solution becomes concentrated. It's a 15-20 gallon reservoir, so it needs daily checking. Also As you can see the plants are growing more to one side than the other, this is because the tree is now blocking much of the direct sunlight.
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