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Default Real Plant Water . . . ???

I've never used this, and am perhaps unqualified to offer any real opinions at the moment, but I'm inclined to agree with GpsFrontier . . . I would like to see some genuine "real" user or technical info about this.

To Gps's credit, I think the comment offered is quite valid.

I freely admit I'm still pretty new at this, but the more I explore various forums, blogs and the like, the more I sense that there probably are some spammers mixed into the fray.

This is challenging, because as everyone knows, selecting the right nutes and additional supplements can be really pricey (I should know, having already gone through this process).

Having said that, considering the collection of products and claims I've already attempted to sort through and actually understand, my rule of thumb (green or otherwise) is to start with nutes from companies that have actually been at this for quite some time, and have a real user base out there.

That has been my guide for attempted potential hydro nute wisdom . . .
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