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Like I said the product Real Alkalized Water is the BOMB....Never have I tasted or believed in anything so incredible!!!! Water is not just water!!!!....
If water is not "H2O" then what is it? You can believe anything is the "BOMB," if you want to, even my farts. But asking me to believe it without asking for any proof/documentation is just plain stupid. Would you believe me if I told you I can fly??? Why not??? It's true, I said so...

Sorry I forgot to mention that I can only fly in a plane. I didn't lie. Just misrepresented the facts. I wont believe anything you say about your BELOVED PRODUCT without proof (even if you think it's the BOMB).

You clearly contradict yourself. If you just started using the stuff, how can you be a ""true believer?"" Also if you were a ""true believer"" you wouldn't need or ask if the product lived up to the claims.
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