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You see when spammers create multiple accounts to be able to answer their own questions, that's what it always leads to. The goal is to create their own positive feedback, as well as make it look like someone else asked for their links to be posted. That way they get their links posted, and it dosen't look like they are spamming. That's why I didn't want to post any links to help them out. But if you do a search from any search engine with the words "Real Plant Water" and with the quotations, you'll get plenty of links.

I'm not saying the thread is spam for sure, but it has all the earmarks and that make me very suspicious. I know how that game is played, I used to do it many years back when I had my first website and I was just learning how to promote it. The right way to use a forum to promote a website is to first find a forum that is related to your website and allows links in the signature. Then become a real member of the forum, and ask and answering questions for real like all the other forum members. Then if people are interested in the link in your signature they will visit your website. Even if they don't, the link gets posted in the forum every time you post. However at the same time it's unethical to post just a few words or short sentence just to create the post and so the link in your signature gets posted. A lot of people do that as well.
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