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hey crad,
I admit I have only spent a couple minutes total researching the product, but I have only found manufactures/retailers selling it, and the claims they make about it on their websites. Obliviously that isn't good information to go on, but it's about all there is out there (I'm sure). I haven't done it yet but you can try the same search but refine the search to .edu websites. Though good luck with that, university's don't really spend money and resources for product development (if they did it would be questionable). So you would be very unlikely to find any real study's on it from reputable sources. You can also try using a pdf. search engine, but make sure the original url is from a reputable source.

Bottom line is, all your likely to find is manufactures/retailers making claims, some testimonials posted by manufactures and/or retailers, perhaps some testimonials in forums of questionable origin/motives. None of which is reliable information. But as I stated in my first post in this thread:

"Though if anyone has any verifiable information/study's by a qualified research facility's (not manufactures or sales websites) I would like to see it, to see if there is any validity to the claims."

I'm still waiting... But not holding my breath.
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