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Default Accelerated nutrient absorption I actually have used, seems to produce some results

I've never used "Real Water", and like other folks here, have become quite wary of "miraculous" new hydro nutes, cellular absorption enhancement, and so on.

However, you might be interested to know, I actually have used something called "Diamond Nectar" from General Hydroponics. I can't claim with absolute certainty exactly how much of a change, or difference occurred between various plants with, and without the Nectar additive, but in general, it does seem to work.

Of course, there are lots of other variables to control with a hydro setup, if you're going to try to isolate exactly which change or modification to the nutrients and other additives produces measurable results.

The primary reason I decided to try this version of a nutrient absorption enhancer, from GH, is because they've been in business and developing quite a variety of such specialized botanical enhancement materials for 30+ years.

That's the only experience I've had personally with any nutrient absorption enhancement products, but others I know in the area have also been using this. It might be worth looking into . . .

But as I said at the beginning of my comment here, I never have used the "Real Water", and as a general rule, tend to use products from companies that have been in business for awhile, with a consistent track record over the years

That's just my personal orientation . . . stay away from the blaring hype ads and miraculous claims - but rather look at products from companies that have actually been doing real research & development for a number of years.
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