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Ya, it's science alright, and science has determined that water is nothing but H20 (2 molecule of hydrogen, and one molecule oxygen). That is what science has proven real water to be, nothing else. You can add any additives you want to water (H2O), and call it anything you want, but real water is nothing but H2O in science.

Anyone can say their snake oil works, but there is simply not any creditable scientific data I have seen yet on the real water product. Thus nothing to support their claims. If you know of university study's that support the real water manufactures claims, by all means post them. I would be happy to check it out, but I'm not interested in anything the manufacture says. If you want to believe the propaganda that a manufactures publishes, well you must think every product ever made is the best product ever made as well. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that manufactures don't tell the whole truth about their products. If they did there would be no need for consumer reports. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has some snake oil for sale. If you want to buy some, it's your money you'll be using, not mine.
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