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Sounds good. I figured you were doing it for function over specific needs. For me, we get months of freezing temperatures where berries won't grow. I'm looking to do something similar. I invented a new hydroponic tech of hanging gardens, similar in setup to zip towers. The difference being price, with each unit being $5-10 dollars, supporting the same amount of plants per unit. The system pays for itself with one crop. I'm going to grow strawberries with them, which will allow me to grow outside in the summer, let them overwinter a couple weeks outside, and then get rehung in my indoor grow room for the winter. Then, I'll re-winter them again in the spring outside, and let them grow outside in the summer. Rinse and repeat.

In Canada, fresh strawberries are impossible to get. Most of them in the produce section are bruised, and mold in a day or two. In the summer, most of the berry farms sell out quickly to restaurants and organic stores. $6/ lb of garbage strawberries really sucks. Wish we could get quality produce like you guys south of the boarder.
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