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Default Stuck in China with no hydroponic nutrient

Hello all,

This site has been invaluable in helping out amateurs such as myself, but at the moment I am stuck in a country that has barely any idea of hydroponics, so finding supplies has been an arduous journey!

I've managed to secure sources for every major component except nutrient solution. I also know that nutrient solution can be made, although I would like to not worry about pouring sulphuric acid and melting something organic like my hand. With that said, I do have access to three kinds of "professional quality water soluble fertilizer" with the following NPK: 30-10-10, 18-18-18, 10-52-10. Using one or a combination of these, what additional micronutrients would I need to make a complete nutrient solution (ideally for growing peppers and tomatoes)?

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