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I'm growing in a 12' x 12' out building in zone 7. I have blocked off all windows. So no natural light. I run my lights 14 hours at night since it's the coldest part of the day. The heat produce helps heat the grow room. The bulbs I'm using are daylight bulbs, labeled at 5000K. Since I'm growing salad greens I don't need much cool lights about 3500K for flowering.

This is my grow bed. Flood and drain.

My nursery for newly germinated plants. short tank with air stone.

Flood and drain bed for adolescent plants.

A cfl daylight 5000K bulb Rated replacement for a 100 watts bulb uses 23watts gives off 1600 lumens and rated to last 10,000 hours. They also cost $6.00-$8.50 a piece.

Since greens need room and have low light requirements the compact florescent work. They allow me to spread the light out over a larger area.

If you noticed I have a few dirt plants that are flowering so i think it shows I have good light balance.
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