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The emergency blankets I got from Target More like $2.85. I have a 400 watt MH track mounted that would give better quality of light. But since my grow room that is an outbuilding I'm limited on power/ voltage, of one 15 amp circuit dedicated to light. So to cover as much area as possible I went 400 watts divided by 23 watts and came up with 17 cfl's with the output of 1600 lumen.

I currently have 29 CFL's 667 watts 46,400 lumen and 12 40 watt florescent tubes 480 watts 30,960 lumen.
total of 1147 watts divided by 110 volts equals 10.42 amps. This covers the 12'x12' grow room. Back to why I'm using the lights to heat the building at night.

I have an other circuit that powers Air pumps, water pumps and timers.

The local store sells Roman $3.00 for 9oz. I can harvest about a pound of mixed lettuce per day. One can get tried of eating a salad every day. Sad part I'm throwing away some. So I'm trying to grow some other cold tolerant plants to balance out the cost.

fluorescent/efficiency.html" target="_blank">Fluorescent Lighting Energy Savings and Product Comparisons
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