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Originally Posted by EarlyPan View Post
Regarding growing under led's it's important to remember that with light, light of any type, the intensity on a surface varies inversely with the square of the distance. That means that if a lamp gives you a given number of lumens on a leaf at a distance of one foot and you double the distance to two feet the lumens will decrease by a factor of four. It's also difficult to compare light of different lamps, even two different color LED's, because of difference is spectrums.
The inverse rule applies within the lights normal throw. LEDs have such a short throw at all that moving them beyond about 6 inches is pointless for plant growth unless for some reason you *want* plants with nodes about 3 feet apart...hehe

It would be like using an HID eight feet from the plant. Sure, the plant may survive, but it would be a very sparse plant with practically no growth.
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