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Hello Saeid,
The Holly Grail, well I'm not sure there really is a Holly Grail of hydroponic nutrients (per-say). Different plants have different nutrient requirements, so there isn't a one recipe fits all plants (like a one size fits all shirt). If your going to make your own, you'll probably want to make them specifically for the plants your growing, rather than just a general use nutrient/recipe. Also if you plan to make your own nutrients, be prepared to learn some chemistry. Even though I haven't ventured into making my own nutrients yet, many people do. I do have some things I can post that will hopefully help you.

Here is nutrient recipe for growing tomato's from the University of Arizona

Here is a free nutrient calculator
Nutrient Calculator

Although I haven't read them yet, here are a couple of books on my list to get
Hydroponic nutrients : easy ways to make your own : a cultural handbook (3rd ed., revised.) by M. Edward Muckle.

Princeton, B.C., Canada : Growers Press, Inc. c1993

A beginners guide to nutrient solutions: a guide to understanding and maintaining a hydroponic nutrient solution. By Paul Fowler

Published by Highdro, 2000
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