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I don't believe you have a disease issue here. I think it is too much nutrient. I don't think your watering schedule is too often. Particularly if you reduce how much nutrient you have in the system.

Don't panic. Your tomatoes look great. Reduce the grow portion of your nutrient solution. Transition them to bloom. When I change my nutrient solution, I usually put the water in without nutes first. Then I run it for a few cycles. Then I check the EC. If the EC is high due to the amount of nutes left in the medium and lines, I replace the water. If it isn't too bad (less than .4) then I just add my nutes. That helps to avoid salt build up and stress. Also, if your EC is high after the "flush" with just water, that might indicate you have too high of nutrient concentration in the first place. Depends on how often you change nutrient solution, too.
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