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I would consider getting a nutrient with a higher P and a lower N ratio, for flowering.

Although tomatoes grow and flower at the same time, it seems they should need both (Nitrogen & Phosphorus). But different varieties will do different things based on the nutrient content it seems. Im starting to learn that I cant make all my plants happy at the same time...ha.

P of course is the most important nutrient in fruit & flower development and Floramato's ratio isnt too high in P. But I do have my cucumbers doing pretty well and my patio tomato hybrid's doing pretty well also. Im just having flowers dropping on all my pepper plants and brandywine. The jubilee is setting fruit, but VERY slow to develop. I should have much more fruit and faster development than I have.

I tried a test with DynaBloom (liquid) for a couple days and noticed improvement, believe it or not. I just ran out of Floramato also, so I went to the hydroponic store today to purchase MaxiBloom (5-15-14). This is really my only other dry nutrient choice, so Im going to give this a shot.

Tomorrow Im going to flush my system and start watering with Maxibloom. I will report the results.

So you never know, Im going to try this and hopefully all my plants love me for it and give me mucho fruit. Worst case is you can give something else a shot for as little as 15$ and if it works, then you can always use your floramato for vegetative growth

Good luck!

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