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Default Thinking to try Hydroponics

Hi everyone,

This concept is new for me I never try it before but I had been reading and investigating for about one year. I recently bought a book (HOW-TO HYDROPONICS/Keith Roberto) and I think is very interesting and not that complicated. As per the author the 2 factors that we need to be monitoring constantly are the water PH and TDS of course beside the nutrients you put in the water.

In the book he includes a DIY section I found very interesting which I think I'm going to build. I would like to try a NFT system with a variety of plants and a Raft system with some lettuces. I had been following a guy in YOUTUBE that have a huge Dutch Bucket Method mostly with tomatoes and pepper and looks like it works great results.

I'm impressed with the Vertical System that works wonderful with strawberries and small plants so maybe I'll make a 5 gallon bucket version like many people have done in YOUTUBE.


animated explainer videos

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