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Hi Errol,

I am pretty familiar with these kind of maths and procedures as I used to help out a chap with a similar way of making nutes. As for me, I am actually calculating and mixing my own formulas from scratch (raw materials only).

What you are planning is a bit tricky, as you have to settle for actual NPK, (6N+18P+36K+3Mg aren't actual or elemental, but conventional NPK). And you should preferably use (convert all to) PPM as a common unit for all ingredients. I'll take care of that actually, but you'll have to cope with it
If this isn't done properly, all maths tend to be false, - as you try to mix "apples and pears".

If you agree with this role and confirm, I'll try to get it right for you. I am asking for confirmation because unfortunately, I've had some cases lately when people got overwhelmed by the maths or didn't get back to the topic for some unknown reasons. I did all the writing and work for nothing...

Thanks for the understanding!


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