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Default Leaves started to turn brown

Question From Dan
Hi I am using an ebb and flow system in a greenhouse. This is my first experience with hydroponics
and I planted tomatoes, pole beans and peas.
I am training them up a string and they all started great the beans really took off and I was able to begin harvesting after about
six weeks.
About this time the leaves started to turn brown and curl up and now the plants are really dying off. I change nutrient every 4
weeks and I thought the problem might be potassium so I add extra potassium, magnesium and iron to the solution but nothing
seems to help.
I pulled up one of the plants and the roots while they are brown in color appear to be healthy is the color an indication of the
The tomatoes are doing fine and the peas seem all right although I am getting some white mold or fungus on some of the leaves.
Any help you might give would be greatly appreciated.

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