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Default Do I need direct sun at all?

Hi, I'm from Puerto Rico, so we have lots of sun light, I made a NFT system for 92 plants, I'm planing to grow lettuces and herbs and will experiment with strawberrys...

I'm planning to do it outside... I have a garage that's open on all 4 sides... 1 of the sides can get like 3-4 hours of direct sun during the mornings and the other side gets like 4-6 hours direct sun a day.... Its that enough sun? should I put it on the 3-4 hours side or the 4-6 side?. Like I said its open on the 4 sides so it will get lots of indirect sun....

Also I need to know what inexpensive light will work for seedling? I planted cilantro and lettuce seeds, they spouted great.. but got long and skinny and all of them are dying... I know I should put some lights on them, but can I use fluorecents?


P.S. That's the system, I have it running for the last 3 days and its running perfectly... no plants yet...

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