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Originally Posted by T'Mater View Post
Hey Freshwater, i was going back and doing some rereading and i seen where you said you let your tank get to about empty then refill and check EC/PH. How are you keeping your EC down long enough to get it that low?
Not sure I understand your question exactly; I let my plants drink up the res. and my ppm goes down slowly, I start at 1100-1200 ppm, and end at around 900ppm. If your PPm goes up over ... lets say 1200ppm you need to add fresh R.O. to lower the ppm.

Originally Posted by T'Mater View Post
My EC seem's to keep rising, i'm assuming from water evapurating.
Kinda make sure you res. is mostly sealed off, Mine is a snapped on trash can lid. Enough for air escape from the air pump going in, but small enough not to invite bugs. It could also be, and most likely... you plants are drinking more water than nutrients....probably due to warmer temps, lower your ppm down as I mentioned in the post above.

Originally Posted by T'Mater View Post
When you flush your system are you just using PH stable water and dumping in each bucket? I kind of think that maybe I'm not cleaning the root's good enough when i flush is why i ask. Might also be why my EC is going up, as my system run's it's bringing back more nute's that have been hanging in the bottom of the bato buckets.

My R.O. filter is at the res. and I just kinda turn it on until it fills, normally overnight. I check it before first water (7:00 a.m.), and set my p.h.. I let it water pretty much for a day to flush...ppm can go from 35 to 200-300 just from flushing the bato res, and roots. Once a month-ish or so, I "catch" the return-to-res. line, so that the system is just getting pure P.H. set H20.

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